The Front Squat vs. the Back Squat

By | September 18, 2021

Squats are all the craze these days. Done properly, squats recruit nearly all muscles in your legs, and added weight challenges one’s core and upper body. A win for one’s fitness program!

The question still remains… which squat is superior?

The answer is there is no one that is superior. It really is a personal choice but here are a few questions to get you started on which may be right for you:

What are your fitness goals?

Do you have any injuries?

Do you have access to the proper equipment?

Let’s take a look at some comparisons for both:

Front Squats: quad & core dominant. 

A heavy load is not required. 

Full range of motion is usually achieved with this type of squat. 

You are also working those abs to stay upright during this squat so core bonus. 

Front squat requires a bit more mobility but can be easier on the lower back (not comprising one’s spine if injured).

Let’s think: Aesthetics & Quad Goals!

Back Squats: Power and posterior chain

Back squats load glutes, hamstrings, and force mid & upper back stabilization. 

This squat allows you to load heavy and use power to lift (typically higher PR than front).

A great squat to make you feel like a power squat goddess and build those glute muscles!  

Let’s think: Strength & Power!  

Alternative: The Goblet Squat!

The goblet squat is a great way to get started on your squat journey and most likely you will have the equipment. If you have any shoulder injuries, squatting without a barbell may be the right choice for you. Start with a kettlebell or dumbbell at the chest and squat feet hip-width apart and chest lifted. Practicing with this squat can help with range of depth and get you comfortable to pick up that bar for either front or back squats.  

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Maintaining proper form is essential to both squats. No matter what squat you choose, overall both can help you gain the lower body strength to help one with more speed and power. A great addition to one’s fitness regimen no matter what! 

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