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Research on cabbage soup diet

Soup consumption is associated with a lower dietary energy density and a better diet quality in US adults. Epidemiological studies have revealed that soup consumption is associated with a lower risk of obesity. Moreover, intervention studies have reported that soup consumption aids in body-weight management. However, little is known about mechanisms that can explain these… Read More »

Research reveals why redheads may have different pain thresholds

New research led by investigators at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) provides insights on why people with red hair exhibit altered sensitivity to certain kinds of pain. The findings are published in Science Advances. In people with red hair (as in numerous other species of animals with red fur), the pigment-producing cells of the skin —… Read More »

Zero carb diet research

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews Reduced or modified dietary fat resesrch preventing cardiovascular disease [strong evidence]. Review More research The above supportive evidence is far stronger than evidence suggesting harm, as we detail in a news post about a study showing increased markers of bone turnover after 3 weeks on a keto diet on highly… Read More »

Mediterranean diet research paper

Annals of internal medicine. References 1. Search Article Search Search. Latest Most Read Most Cited Telomere length change in a multidomain lifestyle intervention to prevent cognitive decline: a randomized clinical trial. Advance article alerts. The purpose of this article is to review succinctly the current knowledge on the effects of a Mediterranean dietary pattern on… Read More »