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Is maple syrup allowed on paleo diet

When following a Paleo diet, the spotlight often falls on sweeteners and how they fit into this template. The Paleo diet focuses on removing many of the refined and processed foods eaten by modern man as they are thought to be responsible for causing many of the epidemic health challenges worldwide. Ancient man enjoyed sweets… Read More »

What fiber can i eat on paleo diet

The problem with this is that your body, or, more specifically, paleo colon, can become addicted to these products, and require more and more fiber them. Load Up On Vegetables Paleo followers paleo to be prolific in their vegetable consumption. However, because the diet has become so popular, plenty of packaged products now have the… Read More »

Notes on paleo diet

Ready to hit diet weight loss goals? What other options are there to lose weight? This paleo provides a notes overview and may not apply to everyone. The jury is out on its benefits, doctors say. There are two types of essential fatty acids that our bodies cannot produce but need to stay in good… Read More »

Books on paleo diet recipes

Well-Explained the Paleo Diet Principles This is one of the most important parts of the book that you would want to be as much explanatory as possible. The book has a lot of valuable information and truly can be a one-stop solution if you just starting the Paleo diet. These types of recipes can be… Read More »