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Mediterranean diet low iron

Mediterranean diets limit red meat consumption and increase intakes of high-phytate foods, a combination that could reduce iron status. Conversely, higher intakes of fish, a good source of selenium, could increase selenium status. Consuming a Mediterranean-style diet for 1 y had no overall effect on iron or selenium status, although there were positive effects on… Read More »

Mediterranean diet research paper

Annals of internal medicine. References 1. Search Article Search Search. Latest Most Read Most Cited Telomere length change in a multidomain lifestyle intervention to prevent cognitive decline: a randomized clinical trial. Advance article alerts. The purpose of this article is to review succinctly the current knowledge on the effects of a Mediterranean dietary pattern on… Read More »

Mediterranean diet hospital food

Tips for cooking it So what sort of dishes should you add to your menu to give patients some Mediterranean options? See hospital and staff awards. Chicken with gravy, carrots, and mashed potatoes. A Mediterranean-style diet may help lower your risk for certain diseases, improve your mood, and boost your energy levels. For questions or… Read More »