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The Healing Benefits of Red Meat

In this interview, Dr. Shawn Baker discusses the carnivore diet, why he’s on it and why he thinks it can be a beneficial choice for others. He also has a regular podcast called “Revero,” where he shares his expertise on this topic. Revero is the name of the company he cofounded, which specializes in getting… Read More »

How to get protein in diet without meat

There are so many opinions out there about protein —how much you should be eating, when you should be eating it —and everyone yes, I mean everyone has an opinion without non-meat-eaters getting their protein. Credit: by [D. You probably know that animal products—meat, eggs, and dairy—are good sources of protein protein unfortunately, they can… Read More »

How to cut meat out of diet

Nutrients, 10 12, Right now, I have it times a week, and it is still a little bit of a struggle some days. You need to find recipes and plan meals that can stand alone, that are designed to be meatless. Here’s a starter guide on egg substitutions. Penny Kris-Etherton, Ph. So is figuring out… Read More »