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Inflammation of blood vessels by diet

Association between serum omega-3 to omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid ratio and cardiovascular events in a general Japanese population. A type of fat that accumulates in the belly called visceral fat secretes a molecule that causes inflammation. J Atheroscler Thromb. He added that clinical trials are ongoing to see if other medications might lower inflammation in… Read More »

Fibromyalgia Linked to Extensive Brain Inflammation

Fibromyalgia, characterized by chronic, widespread pain is an often-debilitating condition that primarily affects women. While as many as 10 million Americans have fibromyalgia, its cause remains a mystery. Brain scans of fibromyalgia patients have offered hard evidence that the pain they experience is indeed real — mainly because their threshold for tolerating pain impulses is… Read More »

Does a keto diet cause inflammation

We also have a does of other recipes die keto plans imflammation can cause What’s on the menu? Should you eat low fat, or high fat? What should I do. Fish oil supplementation does not lower C-reactive protein or interleukin-6 levels in healthy adults. The information we provide at Keto-Mojo. Therapeutic potential of adenosine kinase… Read More »