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Researchers observed association between standing and insulin sensitivity – standing more may help prevent chronic diseases

Insulin is a key hormone in energy metabolism and blood sugar regulation. Normal insulin function in the body may be disturbed by e.g. overweight, leading to decreased insulin sensitivity and increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. In a Finnish collaborative study of Turku PET Centre and UKK institute, the researchers noticed… Read More »

‘Aardman short films encouraging lonely children to reach out for mental health help’

Loneliness and perfectionism have emerged as the two biggest issues affecting young people’s mental health. The findings come from a ­campaign, What’s Up With Everyone?, which has seen award-winning ­animators ­Aardman, the studio behind Wallace and ­Gromit, work alongside experts at the ­University of Nottingham. Launched in February, the novel approach is to inform and… Read More »

PAI App Can Help People Maintain a Healthy Weight

Research has shown that physical activity equivalent to 100 PAI a week can help prevent excessive weight gain. PAI is short for Personal Activity Intelligence whic monitors how physically active a person is during the week. PAI can be measured with any kind of device that measures heart rate.1✅ JOURNAL REFERENCEDOI: 10.1016/j.lanepe.2021.100091 It was previously… Read More »

What is the normal blood oxygen saturation by age? When to seek help

Normal blood oxygen range for seniors Older adults typically have lower saturation levels compared to their younger counterparts. An acceptable level for some older men and women is around 95 percent. Health conditions will mean these values vary, but blood oxygen below 92 percent requires emergency treatment. People should watch out for symptoms of hyperoxemia… Read More »

How Much Can CBD Really Help?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a popular natural remedy for treating many conditions. It is not psychoactive, making it a darling among many who are looking for solutions to their physical, mental, and other conditions. You have probably come across a lot of information online about the magic benefits of CBD, and you may be wondering what… Read More »