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New Book on Maintaining Excellent Health Without the Typically Restrictive Dieting Launches to Great Fanfare

DeShond Barnes, author and nutrition enthusiast, has announced the release of his guide to achieving a balanced diet and maintaining excellent health without deprivation, Counteract the Fat: Discover how Fiber and Antioxidants can Counteract the Physiological Effects of Junk Foods. Barnes offers a viable alternative to severely restrictive eating habits that also stands alone as… Read More »

Migraines and low-carb dieting

Int J Mol Sci. The main components of a comprehensive diet include carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and ions. In , Barborka, one of the pioneers who popularized KD among adults, reported outstanding improvement of migraines following the initiation of KD in a study of 50 patients. Robblee says the keto diet might benefit migraine patients… Read More »

Can dieting cause insomnia

After tossing and turning, sometimes even for a few hours, we finally fall asleep. In the meantime, eat well and sleep well as we head into a fresh new year. It’s so important to have an uninterrupted full night’s sleep. Restless Legs Syndrome. A diet high in refined carbohydrates may raise the likelihood of developing… Read More »

Worst foods to eat when dieting

Losing weight requires a mix of eating nutritious foods, cutting calories, and being physically active, but if your kitchen is stacked with diet-sabotaging junk foods, it makes it that much harder for you to shrink your waistline. Although the foods on this list seem innocuous, many of them have empty calories and slow down your… Read More »