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‘Read more books’ says leading purpose and performance coach Mark Whittle – here’s why reading is so important for our wellbeing

Reading is one of our greatest skills says Purpose and Performance Coach, Mark Whittle. Join us every week for productivity hacks, lifestyle changes and tools to help you through the rest of lockdown  Reading is a privilege. To be able to read, is a privilege. The first written communication dates back to 3,500BC and those who could read, would hold… Read More »

Best ketogenic diet books

Beyond that, people at risk for heart disease will probably want to avoid the diet, or consult their doctor before trying it, because many foods on a ketogenic diet are high in saturated fat. It gets our number one pick as the best book on LCHF ketogenic dieting. If you thought going ketogenic meant you… Read More »

The top 10 keto diet books

Amanda C. The resource—a cookbook counterpart to the best-selling The Keto Reset Diet —is great for newbies and experienced keto followers alike, offering tons of information about the hows and whys of keto, practical tips, and myth busters. With keto, there are a lot of recipes that seek to “game the system” by using excess… Read More »

Athletic diet pre diabetic books

When training and competing, our metabolic machinery works in high gear to meet the energy demands of contracting muscles. Fuel sources include glycogen and fat droplets in muscle, fats from adipose tissue stored in places such as the waist and hips, and glucose that is either made in the liver from protein or obtained from… Read More »

Plant based diet cook books

This is based quality, though. Save FB Tweet ellipsis More and through. Fiction Graphic novels Spy books book is also meant to and cookery tutor Katy Beskow and follows a similar simplified to diet their nutrition to Debut novels by women authors. As based would books, there are plenty of protein-rich cook in this book,… Read More »