South beach diet philosophy

By | February 25, 2021

south beach diet philosophy

The South Beach Diet was developed by cardiologist Arthur Agatston to help his patients lose weight and maintain a healthy diet for a lifetime. The South Beach Diet is designed in phases, like the Atkins Diet, with different eating recommendations in each phase of the diet. All phases of the South Beach Diet have the same underlying philosophy, though The proponents of the South Beach diet claim that you can lose weight and maintain the weight loss without counting calories, weighing portions or depriving yourself of good-tasting, satisfying foods. This is accomplished by cutting out empty, high-carbohydrate foods like sugars, potatoes, rice and white bread. Each phase of the diet is specially designed to accomplish a particular goal. In Phase I of the diet, you eat three meals and two snacks daily, eating until you are no longer hungry. Phase I of the South Beach Diet lasts two weeks, during which time your body will shed pounds. During this phase of the diet, you will gradually add the restricted foods from Phase I back into your diet, but you will eat less of them. The daily diet on Phase II should consist of. In real terms, a typical menu for a meal on the South Beach Diet might include something like this.

The claim made by the South Beach Diet is that it is a scientifically proven plan that will definitely assist you in fulfilling your goals to lose weight safely. The South Beach Diet will help you to drop pounds quickly as well as improve your heart’s health. Most individuals average a weight loss between eight and thirteen pounds after the first two weeks of participating in this diet. Because the South Beach Diet is neither low-fat or low-carb, it is totally different from the famous Atkin’s Diet. Rather, the South Beach Diet encourages you to depend on the correct carbs and the right fats. This is made easy to do by implementing a three-phase process that starts with eliminating your cravings and concludes by making a lifestyle change that incorporates the ideals of this diet. What is most valuable about the Southbeach Diet is that it gives you sound nutritional advice. While the diet retains eating meat, the most important part of the Atkin’s Diet, it discards the philosophy that you can only have low carb foods. Rather, you are advised to eat a proper, well-balanced diet for the rest of your life.

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Doc’s Opinion. For the first two weeks, you are not allowed to eat bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, baked goods, fruit, sugar or consume alcohol. At the next level carbohydrates are added slowly, but it is still important that weight loss continues. In the third phase, when the goal regarding body weight has been reached, carbohydrates are added at the individuals choice. Agatston has acquired a good reputation internationally, particularly for his research in the field of imaging in cardiovascular disease. Despite that, Dr. Agatston has said that weight loss is not the main objective of the South Beach diet. The South Beach diet has benefited from strong marketing.

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