Silvia Marsó: Exceptionally Talented Spanish Film Actress talks about her Workout, Diet and Beauty Secrets

By | August 31, 2021

Silvia Marsó, actress, singer and producer, with a long career, has developed all genres, styles and disciplines, both in theater and in the audiovisual medium. From the beginning he showed great versatility and solid preparation. He has interpreted more than 100 characters, in 22 films, 28 series and 22 plays, receiving 15 awards and nominations.

His film performances include The Conspiracy of Pedro Olea, The Dead Are Not Touched, Baby, by Jose Luis Gª Sánchez, Love, Curiosity, Prozak and Doubts by Miguel Santesmases, Nosotras by Judith Colell, and The Dead Mother by Juanma Bajo Ulloa , among other. We also remember his works in the series Merli Sapere Aude, The Secret of the Old Bridge, Velvet, Gran Hotel, Gran Reserva-el origen, Ana y los Siete, Manos a la obra, Kangaroos, Dones d’aigua, among others.

In the performing arts he has performed comedy, drama, tragedy, musicals, classical verse, and clown; Working with directors such as Ignacio García, Andres Lima, Xavier Albertí, Natalia Menéndez, Amelia Ochandiano, Narros, Marsillach, PerisMencheta, Perez de la Fuente, Jaime Chávarri, Francisco Vidal, EsteveFerrer, etc. And starring in works such as El gran mercado del mundo by Calderón, Tennessee Williams’ glass zoo , Yerma and Doña Rosita , Lorca’s maiden , Ibsen’s dollhouse , Three versions of the life of Yasmina Reza, Darío’s nobody pays here Fo, The great sultana of Cervantes, etc.

In I love you, you are perfect, I will change you (Max Award 2001 best musical) and 24 hours in the life of a woman (Broadway World Spain Award for best musical) she developed her facet as an actress-singer getting the nominations for the Valle Inclán Award and the Musical Theater Awards. In 2011she won the Ercilla Award for Best Actress for Casa de muñecas and alsoTeatro Rojas Award for Best Actress for Casa de muñecas.

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Women Fitness President Ms. Namita Nayyar catches up with Silvia Marsó, an exceptionally talented Spanish Film Actress, also Catalan theater, film, television and theater producer here she talks about her workout, diet and beauty secrets.

Namita Nayyar:

Where were you born and where you had your early education? You are multilingual and speak English, Spanish, Italian, and Catalan. You started your career in movies as an actress in 1983 with Final Getway and The Curanderos. This propelled your acting career to the height where you have been at the top of the world as an actress in films, Television Theater, and modeling. Tell us more about this journey of hard work, tenacity, and endurance?

Silvia Marsó:

I was born in Barcelona, where I studied acting at the Theater Institute. I am of those persons that think that an actor has to prepare a lot. Learning to sing, to dance, to handle the different theatrical and cinematographic styles. Actors should have a lot of patience and humility as well.

Namita Nayyar:

You have acted in television shows and series, “Merli Sapere Aude, The Secret of Puenteviejo, Tell me, Velvet and many others “. Tell us more about working in these television shows and which one is dearer to your heart. Tell us any experience during the filming of the show that you wish to share?

Silvia Marsó:

I have been working since I was very young and it is true that I have done many series, movies and plays. And they are all important to me. I would not like to highlight any of them, because all of them have contributed knowledge and experience to me. One of my lastest jobs was before the pandemic.

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It was “The Old Bridge Secret” on Antena 3 (one of the main SpanishTV channels). The day that the president of the government of Spain was announcing a pandemic and the confinement in the homes of all citizens, we were shooting the series, and we had to stop filming and go home. At the beginning it was going to be 15 days, but it was more than three months and that is why we could not return to the set.

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