Self Help Book That Focuses on Understanding Yourself in Order To Achieve Success Scores Perfect Rating on Amazon

By | March 26, 2021

Since its release in October 2020, Author Ray Stith III continues to guide readers on a path of growth and self-scrutiny in his acclaimed guide, Self-Reflect to Self-Correct. Through his work, Stith hopes to show others that they’re not alone, and that feeling stuck doesn’t have to be permanent.

In Self-Reflect to Self-Correct, Stith emphasizes that the outside world is not the yardstick that measures success. Instead of obsessing about what others are doing, Stith urges the audience to be honest and commit to changing course in a methodical way. He draws upon his experiences as a West Point graduate and Human Resources professional to teach critical lessons on attitude, decision-making, execution, and perseverance. Self-Reflect to Self-Correct is the key to shedding the weight of expectations, finding purpose, and understanding the strength of self.

Self-Correct to Self-Correct is organized into an easy-to-read format that will appeal to adult readers of all backgrounds. Each chapter contains examples and personal anecdotes that relate to the core concepts. At the end, readers can review additional reflection questions and even sign an accountability contract. Stith’s work is an honest path to self-discovery that can help you chase your dreams without living with your head in the clouds.

Reviewers describe Self-Reflect to Self-Correct as “relatable” and “incredibly motivating.” They praise Stith’s refreshing addition to the self-help genre and the practical insights that deviate from many “cookie cutter” guides. In a modern society with information overload, social media, and the pressure to look perfect even if you don’t feel perfect, Stith’s guide is especially timely. Self-Reflect to Self-Correct is available for purchase on or wherever books are sold.

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Ray Stith III is an author, Human Resources professional, entrepreneur, and West Point graduate with a passion for uplifting others. Readers can learn more about him at his website He has seen firsthand how positive leaders can influence their communities and build networks to empower those around them. Stith currently lives in North Texas with his wife Maggie, daughter Valentina, and son Jaxson. 

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