How to Prepare for Coming Crises

In the video above, I discuss the inevitability of coming food and energy crises, and how to prepare for them, on the Children’s Health Defense “Good Morning CHD” program. As I mention in that interview, it seems clear that these crises are being fabricated according to a predetermined plan, just as the COVID pandemic plan… Read More »

Younger generation say they have skills to succeed, but almost 90% worry that employers don’t recognise their potential, survey reveals

87% of 16-24 year olds believe they have essential digital skills Yet optimism and ability not matched by opportunity – 87% also believe employers focus on experience over potential, is holding them back London, UK; 15 July, 2022: As the world marks World Youth Skills Day on Friday 15th July, a survey of 500 16-24… Read More »

Sun Strategy partners with Amdaris to provide sustainable branding solutions at scale

Digital transformation expert will help Sun Strategy scale sustainable solutions to meet increased customer demand since the pandemic Bristol, UK; 13 July 2022: Software development specialist Amdaris has partnered with sustainable branding experts Sun Strategy to transform the value of businesses through environmentally-conscious packaging. As digital partner, Amdaris will help accelerate the delivery of Sun… Read More »