New Book on Maintaining Excellent Health Without the Typically Restrictive Dieting Launches to Great Fanfare

By | March 22, 2021

DeShond Barnes, author and nutrition enthusiast, has announced the release of his guide to achieving a balanced diet and maintaining excellent health without deprivation, Counteract the Fat: Discover how Fiber and Antioxidants can Counteract the Physiological Effects of Junk Foods. Barnes offers a viable alternative to severely restrictive eating habits that also stands alone as an informative, research-backed contribution to the field of dietary science.

In Counteract the Fat, Barnes shows that fiber and antioxidants can mitigate some of the risk from eating saturated fats and other junk foods. This doesn’t mean that unlimited consumption of fat won’t have consequences. Instead, following the methodology outlined in Counteract the Fat gives readers more freedom and a wider variety of choices in food as part of an informed plan.

Through meticulous research and decades of firsthand knowledge, Barnes introduces important key concepts, like how fiber interacts with cholesterol-related acids to lower risk of heart disease. With easy-to-understand language, Counteract the Fat explains the body’s most basic processes and highlights how fiber and antioxidants can help stave off cellular damage, illness, and obesity.

Counteract the Fat is perfect for adults who are seeking to maintain their health without sacrificing their favorite foods, indulgences, and desserts. Barnes urges readers not to turn to traditional health/nutrition/diet books that preach the same strict, untenable diets that leave people feeling cheated. Unlike other health solutions, Counteract the Fat is based on ground-breaking research conducted at world-class institutions like the National Institutes of Health and The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Human Nutrition Research Center.

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For interested readers, Counteract the Fat: Discover how Fiber and Antioxidants can Counteract the Physiological Effects of Junk Foods is available for purchase on

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