Ketogenic diet for older people

By | March 13, 2021

ketogenic diet for older people

Low-carb, high fat diet may work for older adults too. It is a known fact that as we age, our metabolism slows down and it increasingly gets difficult to shed excessive weight. Older adults with too-much weight are more prone to developing diseases like diabetes and heart ailments. Hence, diet intervention is important in older adults, especially for people dealing with obesity. So, what should their diet be like? Will the current trending diets like keto diet work? If the findings of a recent study are to be believed, low-carb high-fat diet may actually help older adults deal with obesity.

Your health gradually changes as you age. Some of these changes have to do with a slowed metabolic rate and the subsequent weight gain. Healthy eating can help to slow down these changes and reduce your susceptibility to diseases. Can the keto diet for seniors work as well as it does for younger individuals? Doctors describe the ketogenic diet as a high fat low-carb diet whose primary goal is weight loss. Seemingly so, but science now shows that eating less fat does not help you stay slim. In 23 studies cited by Healthline, all participants on a low-carb diet lost more weight than those on a low-fat diet. So here is how it works—eating certain healthy fats makes you feel satiated, and that means that you are less tempted to overeat. And also, fat helps you stay fuller for longer and can, therefore, reduce your frequency of snacking between meals. A keto diet can include any type of fat except saturated and Trans fats. These fats, also mostly associated with processed foods, are high in cholesterol and can pose severe health risks to you.

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In addition, much of the food chosen by older people or given in hospital or clinical settings tends to be heavily processed and very poor in nutrients, such as white breads, pastas, prunes, mashed potatoes, puddings, etc. Keto has scientifically been proven to have countless health benefits in all age groups. She came across a trial done in New York that used the Atkins diet to treat cancer. Over the last couple years, the keto diet has soared in popularity and is now one of the most talked-about diet trends. As the days progress, you may be able to get back to weight lifting and push-ups. Veggies like corn, carrots, or tomatoes should be avoided since they have more carbs and can cause you to get out of ketosis. When restricting carbs, most people will naturally turn to proteins, such as meat or fish, versus fats, like a stick of butter. Learn more. Yes and no.

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