Emanuela Boisbouvier: Exceptionally Talented Actress talks about her Success Story

By | June 8, 2021

Actress Emanuela Boisbouvier began acting at age thirteen. During herhigh school years, she took part in school productions.

Emanuela was born in San Jose, Costa Rica, and moved to Monaco when she was three-years-old with her Monegasque father and Italian mother. Years later, driven by her ambition, she moved to Los Angeles where she studied Political Science and Theater at UCLA, graduating Summa Cum Laude. While at UCLA she was cast in two productions, I Am the Wind directed by Charles Jin, and Nine directed by Aya Saleh. She has lived in Europe, South America and the United States and is fluent in French, Italian and Spanish.

She acted in several short films, mostly directed by graduates from UCLA School of Theater Film and Television, one of the most prestigious film programs in the world.

She had previously studied a summer program in Los Angeles at S.O.C.A.P.A. at age 13. From then on, acting has remained a major part of her life.

Her studies in UCLA opened many doors for her.After graduating, Emanuela began expanding her network inentertainment. She acted in two Coca-Cola commercials, both airedinternationally and directed by Elon Zlotnik and Nathan N’Guyen. Sheacted in more short movies, one of which, A New Verse directed byCameron Thuman, was screened at the New Jersey Golden Door FilmFestival as well as at the Westfield International Film Festival, and at the 7th Annual Muestra Intergalactica Festival in Mexico, in which A New Verse was selected as an honorable mention. She has been a featured guest on Jaby Koay’s YouTube channel, which has 1.33 million subscribers.

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Emanuela has been training at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, a prestigious acting school whose alumni include Jim Carrey or George Clooney, and at the Berg Studios with Yale School of Drama alumnus Gregory Berger. She has also studied at The Groundlings School, one of the leading training programs in the country that has been a springboard for countless careers such as Melissa McCarthy, Will Ferrell, Lisa Kudrow, Navaris Darson, and Eliot Schwartz, as well as at the Berg Studios with Yale School of Drama alumnus Gregory Berger.

She has been dancing since age three, training in jazz, ballet and contemporary. Shecompeted in ski for 7 years with the Monaco ski team.

Women Fitness President Ms. Namita Nayyar catches up with an exceptionally talented Emanuela Boisbouvier, here she talks about her grooming at UCLA and life as an actress.

Namita Nayyar:

How did study in UCLA influence your career?

Emanuela Boisbouvier:

UCLA opened my eyes in many ways. I began my undergraduate education at age 17, and was therefore very young and very uncertain as to what I wanted to pursue in college. The core reason I wanted to go to university in the United States was because of this educational freedom that allows students to take a variety of classes to discover their passions and talents.
During my first year, I explored a number of classes ranging from linguistics, to journalism, to mathematics and history.

I came to realize however, through an acting class that I took, that acting was where I wanted to bring my career. I chose to study Political Science combined with theater, because those two fields were those that resonated the most with me. I felt, and still feel, a strong sense of belief that theater and politics are closely tied, and political theater can be a potent way to help struggling societies or heal nations dealing with major societal or political shifts. During my time at UCLA, I was able to participate in 2 theater productions, which helped further my training.

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I also studied abroad in Argentina and Chile, which I would say was among the most life changing moments of my life thus far. It was during my time abroad that I came to realize the power that arts had on healing societies, and convinced me further that my choice to be an actor had value in this world. Those two countries who have been torn by dictatorship and turmoil in the past decades, placed such a significance on art and live art especially as a way to come together as a community and hear stories they feel identified in.

It suddenly resonated within me that my duty has to be that of a translator, a vehicle for information to transfer true stories, real human experience, on stage or on film, so that the world can take a glimpse into what is happening around them. From then on, I have been reading a lot of political theater, ranging from Bertold Brecht to Wajdi Mouawad, and hope to be able to continue working on works of significance and eventually tell my own story.

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