Does diet 48 hours before blood test

By | July 12, 2020

does diet 48 hours before blood test

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What and when a patient eats the night before can have an effect on their medical lab results. Eating late or eating foods high in protein or fat can cause the fasting blood levels to be elevated. Blood tests are done to check abnormalities in blood. This mostly depends on the type of blood test a person is going to have the next morning. Most of the times a patient can eat and drink normally before the tests, whereas there are cases in which a patient is instructed not to eat or drink before the test, these tests are known as fasting blood test. So fasting may be important because what you eat may change test results. If the health care provider has confirmed that a patient should not eat anything before the test, then the instructions should not be ignored.

To determine the effect of food intake on complete blood count CBC results. We analyzed the CBC in whole capillary blood specimens collected from 33 adult volunteers into microtubes between AM and AM. Blood specimens were drawn from patients who had been fasting 12 hours and then 1 and 2 hours after consumption of a light meal containing carbohydrates, protein, and lipids. All measurements were performed using the hematologic analyzer Sysmex XN Food consumption impacts CBC results. To ensure the consistency, quality, and repeatability of CBC analysis, blood should be drawn from fasting patients. The effectiveness and trustworthiness of laboratory service results from the amalgamation of accuracy, precision, and rapidity of the results delivered to health care professionals and patients. The credibility of the results of analyses is associated mostly with the quality of the preanalytical phase of laboratory testing.

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