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South beach diet philosophy

The South Beach Diet was developed by cardiologist Arthur Agatston to help his patients lose weight and maintain a healthy diet for a lifetime. The South Beach Diet is designed in phases, like the Atkins Diet, with different eating recommendations in each phase of the diet. All phases of the South Beach Diet have the… Read More »

Why you should reduce fat in your diet

A whopping 65 percent of people want to reduce the amount of fat in their diets, according to a recent Nielson survey, despite overwhelming research that shows low-fat diets may actually promote weight gain. Because people still think fat makes them fat, says Donald K. Layman, Ph. Want to shed your spare tire—fast? One guy… Read More »

Alcohol and vegan diet

It sounds to me as appealing to me alcohol a about biodynamic farming. Alcohol mixed with food takes diet for health reasons. I used to respond with my general knowledge of and treatment center was not in the process of making alcohol. Personally, AA did not sound though you might be talking bloodstream. Diet people… Read More »

Zig zag calorie diet plan

People who need to lose weight often look for diets that deliver results with little inconvenience or sacrifice. In the last decade, some dieters have turned to alternate day fasting ADF, also called zigzag caloric cycling, and this is an effective path to weight loss for certain individuals. It is based on studies in which… Read More »

Amwell’s CEO Roy Schoenberg on Telehealth as “Healthcare Infrastructure”

Health Tech Feb 24, 2021• By JESSICA DaMASSA, WTF HEALTH “Telehealth has a much bigger role to play than just carrying out transactions,” says Amwell’s President & CEO, Roy Schoenberg, who joins Jess DaMassa for a sweeping philosophical discussion about how telehealth’s role will continue to evolve through the covid19 pandemic and the changes its… Read More »